Easy Ways to Style Heatless Curls

I love heatless curls for they bring the least damage to my hair. Today I am going to share my ways to style heatless curls and they are pretty simple.

To create heatless curls, wash your hair and wait until they are 80% dry, make a low bun like this and sleep with it.


Tear it down when you wake up in the morning, apply mousse or hairspray or whatever you like to keep the shape, and you will look something like this:


This is a very feminine and very classical type of curls, the curls began under my ears so I won’t look aged.

To style the  heartless curls, you can first put them aside, secure them by adding some hair pins, making a ponytail or braid them from the side, like the superstars on the red carpet:


Or, you can pin the hair from the side backwards to create an office lady look like this:


On weekends, tie a scarf to look active and casual:


To look more like a good wife, make a low ponytail and tie your scarf on it:


Bows are hot recently, replace the scarf with a bow and you will look like a lady:


Braiding your hair on the side is also a good option, especially for the second day hair.


These are really simple ways to style the curls, hopefully this will give you some inspiration, thanks for watching.



One Dress, Four Styles

Aloha from Hawaii, today I am going to show you how I style one dress in four styles. The dress is from Target, fit and flare style, black and white design, which is a very basic dress.

First, the ACADEMIC style: add a faux white collar, tie your narrow scarf as a tie,  pair with loafer or oxford shoes and a academical purse, look, you can go back to school!


Second, the LADY style: add a belt in the middle, get a pair of ballet flat to echo the color of your belt. I picked red, because it is a very feminine color and it highlight my entire outfit. What a lady!


Third, CASUAL style: add a red polka dot scarf to highlight the outfit and make it active; tie your hair into a ponytail;  the most important causal factor is the white sneakers, which can basically go with anything in addition add a casual feel to the entire outfit.


Fourth, the SEMI-FORMAL style: put your hair into a low bun, get a statement necklace, pair a black belt with shiny details and don’t forget the heels, and you are ready for the party!


Hopefully this will give you some inspiration on capsule wardrobe. Thanks for watching!

Create your lip color of unique

Hi, everyone, today I am going to show you some wonderful colors I blended myself by mixing 2 lipsticks together:

The first one I worked on is Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick in Hop Plum, which is a cold light purple color that doesn’t go with my warm skin tone, to make things better, I mixed it up with a hot red (Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Provocateur (135), and I created a nice rosy pink,  which is more friendly to the yellow skintone.

top: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Provocateur Bottom: Maybelline Color Sensation in Hot Plum

The second combination is Revlon Lacquer lip balm in Coquette (110) and Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip. Coquette is a juvenile pink in my opinion, and Orange flip is a very bold orange. Both colors are very pretty but sometimes I just want to look mature. So I mixed them up and got a everyday orange color with a slight hint of pink, with a twinkly creamy texture, perfect for spring and summer.

top: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coquette bottom: Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip

And I also tried mixing up Orange Flip with Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coy (140) . Coy is a pretty chocolate color with a slight hint of red, the two pairs together gave me a warm pumpkin color that looks very mature and steady, perfect for fall and winter.

top : Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip       bottom: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coy

My last shot was pairing Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm Whimsical (115) with Revlon lip butter in Wild Watermelon (063), which is a combination of sheer purple and sheer red, creating a beautiful sheer berry tone color, good for both warm and cold skin tone.

top: Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon                bottom: Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm in Whimsical 

To sum up: if a color is too cool for your skin tone, add something warm to neutralize it and vice versa; if a color makes you look dark or pale, add something bold to color it up.


Hopefully this helps. Thanks for watching!


Go Maxi – from Summer to Winter

A Maxi skirt can be very versatile and very practical : it makes a petite girl not looking so petite by hiding a pair of heels underneath; and it covers the legs from the burning sunshine yet still provides enough space to breath; most of all, it  makes wearing skirts in winter no longer a dream because girls can put layers of leggings underneath to keep warm without looking chunky.

I just love maxi skirts, I especially enjoy the fairytale feeling in the breeze, when my skirt is flying with the wind.

Today I want to share my ways of styling one maxi skirt from summer to winter. The skirt is from H&M, high-low design, it is brown with pink and blue floral prints on it, which gives it a more feminine feeling.

The trick of pairing a floral skirt is to find the tops which have the same color with part of the prints. For example, this skirt has brown, pink and blue colors on it, so we can use brown, pink of blue tops to echo the color of the prints.

Pairing with a pink sleeveless top ( pay attention to the high waistline):


Pairing with a blue henley shirt:


Pairing with a pink sweater:


And, a denim/leather jacket is always a perfect match, it brings sort of “cool girl”feeling to the outfit, yet still looks charming.

Pairing with a denim jacket:


Pairing with a leather jacket:


That is my 5 ways of styling a maxi skirt from summer to winter, which one is your favorite?


Go vintage-my outfit today


I created this look using some vintage elements: bucket bag, white tights, oxford heels, the color brown and a vintage red lipstick. The sweater, the shorts and the heels are all from target with a decent price.

As a pear shaped girl, I always avoid wearing shorts that are too short, I choose the medium length high waist shorts instead, the wide leg design makes my thigh look skinnier (like they were saying : ” look, we are skinny, these pants are too baggy for us”.lol)

Oxford shoes are good for vintage style, and I believe Loafers and Mary Jane go with this look too.

Thanks for watching!

Create your own lip shade of class

Note: To best show you the true shades, no filter was added to any of the pictures in this article.

The biggest drawback of buying drugstore lipsticks is not being able to try them on your lips, no matter how many swatches you have seen on the website, it always feel like trying the error, sometimes the lipsticks you bought are just not for you. I decided to try something new after making a few mistakes – that is mixing them together, and it worked really fantastic! I not only saved the wrong lipsticks but also created a few beautiful and unique colors. Today I am going to show you some examples.

Here are some shades that are wrong for my skintone:


The first one is Stormy Sahara from Maybelline, and you can see it totally washed me off; the second one is Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose Velvet, which is OK but nothing remarkable; The third one is Revlon Super Lustrous in Rum Raisin, which is  too dark for me, I look sort of old with this shade.

And below are some shades that are good for vacation or going shopping, but consider wearing them to work or meet the future parent in laws? No, thank you, not a good idea.


The first one is Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart, pretty color but brings out the yellow tone of my skin; the second one is Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple, looks good on me but very bold; the third one is Revlon matte lip balm in Unapologetic, which is also a vivid and bold shade for office.

BUT, guess what happened when I mixed two of them up?

I mixed Stormy Sahara and Sweet Tart in this way: 1. apply one shade on the upper lip and  the other on the bottom lip. 2. mix them up by rubbing the lips gently. 3/4. make the color even by tapping and rubbing with your finger and the lipstick (I was being lazy, but a lip brush is a better idea).

Mixing 2 lipsticks

And here is the result of the mixing:

Stormy Sahara + Sweet Tart

And you can see the blue tone of Sweet Tart was neutralized, creating a pretty nude color with a pink tone, this color looked smart, perfect for office and meetings.

Then I mixed up Rose Velvet and Candy Apple:

Rose Velvet + Candy Apple

I got a warm rosey red color , the red tone made me look active and the brown tone added a  “steady mind” factor in it, together it means “Look, I am a girl of culture”.

The last combination I tried is Unapologetic and Rum Raisin:

Unapologetic + Rum Raisin

I got a smoky rose shade, gentle but still powerful, charming and feminine, good for an everyday look. This is the shade that gave me the most surprie.

To summarize:


These are just some examples I tried according to my skintone, I had great fun working on the color palate, it added so many possibilities to my makeup collection. I am sure you can do better, so want to check out your lipsticks now?



Floral midi skirt

Today I am going to share my four ways of pairing a floral midi skirt. I got this skirt from tjmaxx.com under 25 bucks. I always like midi skirt, and I believe it’s one of the most elegant types of skirt in the whole world. Plus it works very well on pear shape girls, it covers up the bottom and highlights the waist. The pink flower design looks super romantic and sweet, perfect for a casual and feminine look.

First, nothing goes wrong with a white shirt. Just simply roll up your sleeves and unbutton one more button to make the white shirt look less serious and you are done!


Strip is another element that goes with almost anything, it will also make the outfit more active and casual.


And you can always add a denim jacket on top in cold weather. 20170213_092157

Last but not least, a black top is always a safe and classic choice.


Well, I hope you enjoy this post. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Join me on the way to pretty


This is going to be a sweet start, for opening my very own blog on Valentine’s Day.

When I was a little girl, the old generations kept telling me that the beauty outside was completely useless, a good girl always put her mind on studying and working. I felt ashamed dressing up because of this, and I dare only sneak peek myself every time I passed by a window. But as I grew older and those beautiful clothes were finally more unrestricted, I realized how much dressing up means to a women – I acted elegant when I dressed elegant, and I act sloppy when I dressed sloppy. And, can you imagine how confident one can feel in decent clothes? We, women, can definitely make  the world more pleased to the eyes.

I believe most of you are like me – we can’t afford Prada or Hermes, however, we ourselves are much more expensive than the luxurious, so just dress up and feel like a queen, for we are pretty and unique!

I believe most of you are like me – we are so busy with our family and career that we hardly have any time for ourselves. But thank God that beauty can come in an effortless way, you can look way better even after 20 minutes’ work.

I believe most of you are like me – we don’t have an angel’s face or a super model’s shape. But we can certainly look gorgeous by  highlighting our gift and covering up the blemish.

I am here to share my way to pretty, join me on the way to pretty, and someday you will be WAY TOO PRETTY!