Create Jelly-Like Lips for Summer

Aloha, all,

Today I want to share with you some of my new creatures on the lips, and it is specially for the summer season!

We would like to have sheer, kissable jelly-like lips for summer, but do we need to buy another bunch of lip butter? NO, simply work with some shades that are already in your collection, it’s that simple, let me show you how:

I am not a lipgloss girl, I am not a big fun of the oily texture on my lips, plus the lip glosses don’t have much shade, and they won’t make my skin look brighter. However, I recently found that the lip gloss can work magically with the cream/matte texture lipsticks, creating a whole new look for the summer season.

I only have one lip gloss in my makeup case, and I picked four of my lipsticks to go with it, the procedure is super easy: apply the lipsticks first, gently wiped with a tissue(or apply a tiny amount of the lipsticks evenly on your lips) before applying the lip gloss. Here is the swatch of my lip gloss (Burt’s Bees lip shine in Blush) and wiping.


This method worked very well with the shade that is too dark for you ( with Revlon lip pencil in Crush) – you see I look much more friendly afterwards:


It also works good with a shade that is too dull ( Revlon lip pencil in coy) – it makes me look like a young woman with steady mind (this is a good nude for work), instead of looking aged:


With a color that is too bold (Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip) – I looked much more dignified afterwards.


Or, this will help make the juvenile shade look more mature ( with Revlon lip pencil in coquette)


I am sure there are much more combination to try, especially when you have more lip glosses and lipsticks. Come on, be creative!

Thanks for watching!


Create your lip color of unique

Hi, everyone, today I am going to show you some wonderful colors I blended myself by mixing 2 lipsticks together:

The first one I worked on is Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick in Hop Plum, which is a cold light purple color that doesn’t go with my warm skin tone, to make things better, I mixed it up with a hot red (Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Provocateur (135), and I created a nice rosy pink,  which is more friendly to the yellow skintone.

top: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Provocateur Bottom: Maybelline Color Sensation in Hot Plum

The second combination is Revlon Lacquer lip balm in Coquette (110) and Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip. Coquette is a juvenile pink in my opinion, and Orange flip is a very bold orange. Both colors are very pretty but sometimes I just want to look mature. So I mixed them up and got a everyday orange color with a slight hint of pink, with a twinkly creamy texture, perfect for spring and summer.

top: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coquette bottom: Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip

And I also tried mixing up Orange Flip with Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coy (140) . Coy is a pretty chocolate color with a slight hint of red, the two pairs together gave me a warm pumpkin color that looks very mature and steady, perfect for fall and winter.

top : Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip       bottom: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm in Coy

My last shot was pairing Revlon Colorburst Lacquer lip balm Whimsical (115) with Revlon lip butter in Wild Watermelon (063), which is a combination of sheer purple and sheer red, creating a beautiful sheer berry tone color, good for both warm and cold skin tone.

top: Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon                bottom: Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm in Whimsical 

To sum up: if a color is too cool for your skin tone, add something warm to neutralize it and vice versa; if a color makes you look dark or pale, add something bold to color it up.


Hopefully this helps. Thanks for watching!


Create your own lip shade of class

Note: To best show you the true shades, no filter was added to any of the pictures in this article.

The biggest drawback of buying drugstore lipsticks is not being able to try them on your lips, no matter how many swatches you have seen on the website, it always feel like trying the error, sometimes the lipsticks you bought are just not for you. I decided to try something new after making a few mistakes – that is mixing them together, and it worked really fantastic! I not only saved the wrong lipsticks but also created a few beautiful and unique colors. Today I am going to show you some examples.

Here are some shades that are wrong for my skintone:


The first one is Stormy Sahara from Maybelline, and you can see it totally washed me off; the second one is Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose Velvet, which is OK but nothing remarkable; The third one is Revlon Super Lustrous in Rum Raisin, which is  too dark for me, I look sort of old with this shade.

And below are some shades that are good for vacation or going shopping, but consider wearing them to work or meet the future parent in laws? No, thank you, not a good idea.


The first one is Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart, pretty color but brings out the yellow tone of my skin; the second one is Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple, looks good on me but very bold; the third one is Revlon matte lip balm in Unapologetic, which is also a vivid and bold shade for office.

BUT, guess what happened when I mixed two of them up?

I mixed Stormy Sahara and Sweet Tart in this way: 1. apply one shade on the upper lip and  the other on the bottom lip. 2. mix them up by rubbing the lips gently. 3/4. make the color even by tapping and rubbing with your finger and the lipstick (I was being lazy, but a lip brush is a better idea).

Mixing 2 lipsticks

And here is the result of the mixing:

Stormy Sahara + Sweet Tart

And you can see the blue tone of Sweet Tart was neutralized, creating a pretty nude color with a pink tone, this color looked smart, perfect for office and meetings.

Then I mixed up Rose Velvet and Candy Apple:

Rose Velvet + Candy Apple

I got a warm rosey red color , the red tone made me look active and the brown tone added a  “steady mind” factor in it, together it means “Look, I am a girl of culture”.

The last combination I tried is Unapologetic and Rum Raisin:

Unapologetic + Rum Raisin

I got a smoky rose shade, gentle but still powerful, charming and feminine, good for an everyday look. This is the shade that gave me the most surprie.

To summarize:


These are just some examples I tried according to my skintone, I had great fun working on the color palate, it added so many possibilities to my makeup collection. I am sure you can do better, so want to check out your lipsticks now?