Easy Ways to Style Heatless Curls

I love heatless curls for they bring the least damage to my hair. Today I am going to share my ways to style heatless curls and they are pretty simple.

To create heatless curls, wash your hair and wait until they are 80% dry, make a low bun like this and sleep with it.


Tear it down when you wake up in the morning, apply mousse or hairspray or whatever you like to keep the shape, and you will look something like this:


This is a very feminine and very classical type of curls, the curls began under my ears so I won’t look aged.

To style the  heartless curls, you can first put them aside, secure them by adding some hair pins, making a ponytail or braid them from the side, like the superstars on the red carpet:


Or, you can pin the hair from the side backwards to create an office lady look like this:


On weekends, tie a scarf to look active and casual:


To look more like a good wife, make a low ponytail and tie your scarf on it:


Bows are hot recently, replace the scarf with a bow and you will look like a lady:


Braiding your hair on the side is also a good option, especially for the second day hair.


These are really simple ways to style the curls, hopefully this will give you some inspiration, thanks for watching.