The White Pants

Summer has officially come today, it’s the season of hot pants, tutu skirts and floral dresses, but to look more mature you will need pants sometimes, and you want to look cool (both temperature and the style), which means you will need a pair of white pants!

If you have thighs like super models, then go ahead and pick whatever white pants you like. But if you are a pare shaped girl like me, don’t pick those skinny pants, pick the straight leg pants of cigarette pants instead, cause the white color will add puffiness to your hips.

Today I would like to share my ways of styling the white pants into different styles.

VACATION STYLE: Go with stripe tees and sandals (don’t forget to paint your toe nails), and add a panama hat, you are ready to go on a vacation. You can add some statement accessories (like a belt, a square scarf or a bracelet) to represent your personal style, totally up to you!


CASUAL STYLE: White and baby blue are perfect match for summer (imagine the white cloud and the blue sky), pair the white pants with a blue shirt and you will look as fresh as the breeze. Loafers are for the casual styles, and don’t forget to unbutton one more button, roll up your sleeves, and tie your shirt to make the high waistline.


DATE OR GOING TO THE BEACH: I believe you have tons of colorful scarves in your closet, for this look, just simply tie your scarf  over a tank and you will have a brand new blouse, which is so unique and versatile, I especially enjoy when the wind passes by and the scarf flying around me – this is totally worth trying.


BUSINESS STYLE: Tired of the black suit? Why not try the white one instead? For a business look you will just need to add a blazer and heels, to look more active and creative, add a scarf.


Helpful? Thanks for watching!



Join me on the way to pretty


This is going to be a sweet start, for opening my very own blog on Valentine’s Day.

When I was a little girl, the old generations kept telling me that the beauty outside was completely useless, a good girl always put her mind on studying and working. I felt ashamed dressing up because of this, and I dare only sneak peek myself every time I passed by a window. But as I grew older and those beautiful clothes were finally more unrestricted, I realized how much dressing up means to a women – I acted elegant when I dressed elegant, and I act sloppy when I dressed sloppy. And, can you imagine how confident one can feel in decent clothes? We, women, can definitely make  the world more pleased to the eyes.

I believe most of you are like me – we can’t afford Prada or Hermes, however, we ourselves are much more expensive than the luxurious, so just dress up and feel like a queen, for we are pretty and unique!

I believe most of you are like me – we are so busy with our family and career that we hardly have any time for ourselves. But thank God that beauty can come in an effortless way, you can look way better even after 20 minutes’ work.

I believe most of you are like me – we don’t have an angel’s face or a super model’s shape. But we can certainly look gorgeous by  highlighting our gift and covering up the blemish.

I am here to share my way to pretty, join me on the way to pretty, and someday you will be WAY TOO PRETTY!