The Warm Cuddle – Long Cardigan Outfit


Living in Hawaii, I did not quite realize that Autumn had come for a while until I see other fashion bloggers posting their Autumn outfits. Can’t avoid the long cardigans speaking of the Autumn outfits, so today I am going to show you my ways of styling a long cardigan.

  1. with Shorts: This is for the early Autumn, when you just need a little layer to keep warm but still want to be “cool”. The outfit will look dull without the hat and the scarf, so don’t forget your highlights!


2. With long boots: Who doesn’t love a pair of thigh-high boots in the late Autumn or Winter? You can pair with skinny jeans even if you are a pear shaped girl, because the long cardigan will cover up your wide hip and thighs!


3. With a pencil skirt: This is a feminine look, the colors are very basic and low key, but you will still get a lot of attention cause the long cardigan and heels together make you a queen.


4. With long skirts: I want to be elegant and active today, that way I picked a floral pleated long skirt, the beret hat and the scarf add some elegant and classical elements  to the whole outfit, and of course, heels.


Do you like them? Thanks for watching!


Go Only Black and White

The color Black and White were, are and will always be classical, chic and fashionable. These two colors can go with any colors and will never go wrong, countless designers have created countless good works using only black and white, today I want to give it a shot, creating some look with only black and white.

The Lady Like:

To prevent the all black and white look from looking tedious, one always needs a highlight point to bright up the look. In this look, the black midi pleated skirt set up the ladylike style, the big buttons on the white cardigan define the high waistline, and the lace up shoes serves as the highlight point.


The Juvenile Look:

The sleeveless black tank and the black and white stripe skirt look very active, so the large area of the black will not look too serious. The  red polka dot scarf and the red ballet flats echo each other, adding some highlights to the look.


The Office Style:

Usually a stripe top is the no-no partner of a plaid bottom, but not when they are all black and white. The mash up of a strip t-shirt and a plaid pants create a unique and chic style without making it look too messed up.  And, the red polka dot scarf  and the red lips are the highlight points here.


The Vacation Style:

Another mash up outfit! Needless to say much, just put on a floppy straw hat and go enjoy your vacation!


Inspired? Hopefully!

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White Pleated Skirt

Hi, all,

Comparing to the regular a-line skirt, a pleated skirt looks more active, especially when the wind goes by, and the folds stretch and fly, how beautiful! Today I will share my ways of styling one pleated skirt.

Casual style: A chambray shirt is always a good element to be added and create a casual style outfit, and don’t forget to wear it in a casual way (roll up the sleeves and tie in front), and add a statement necklace to get bolder look.


Vintage style: here are some vintage elements in this look: a striped t-shirt, a brown belt and a brown loafer, last but not least – high waistline.


Lady style: I picked a soft yellow henley shirt to match the skirt in this look, and the pair of yellow ballet flats here is for echoing the color of the shirt and adding a gentle, lady-like feeling to this figure.


The Little White Dress: Pair the white skirt with a white top to create a little white dress, of course.


Hopefully this will give you some good inspiration.

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Create Jelly-Like Lips for Summer

Aloha, all,

Today I want to share with you some of my new creatures on the lips, and it is specially for the summer season!

We would like to have sheer, kissable jelly-like lips for summer, but do we need to buy another bunch of lip butter? NO, simply work with some shades that are already in your collection, it’s that simple, let me show you how:

I am not a lipgloss girl, I am not a big fun of the oily texture on my lips, plus the lip glosses don’t have much shade, and they won’t make my skin look brighter. However, I recently found that the lip gloss can work magically with the cream/matte texture lipsticks, creating a whole new look for the summer season.

I only have one lip gloss in my makeup case, and I picked four of my lipsticks to go with it, the procedure is super easy: apply the lipsticks first, gently wiped with a tissue(or apply a tiny amount of the lipsticks evenly on your lips) before applying the lip gloss. Here is the swatch of my lip gloss (Burt’s Bees lip shine in Blush) and wiping.


This method worked very well with the shade that is too dark for you ( with Revlon lip pencil in Crush) – you see I look much more friendly afterwards:


It also works good with a shade that is too dull ( Revlon lip pencil in coy) – it makes me look like a young woman with steady mind (this is a good nude for work), instead of looking aged:


With a color that is too bold (Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip) – I looked much more dignified afterwards.


Or, this will help make the juvenile shade look more mature ( with Revlon lip pencil in coquette)


I am sure there are much more combination to try, especially when you have more lip glosses and lipsticks. Come on, be creative!

Thanks for watching!

Black Pencil Skirt

Most people will picture a business lady when talking about a black pencil skirt, but can a black pencil skirt be limited to the business outfit? Not necessary, today I will share my 5 ways to style a black pencil skirt into different styles, let’s begin,


Yes, a black pencil skirt can be casual, by simply adding some casual elements, like a t-shirt and a pair of sandals, in this look, I even added a scarf around my hair to look more stylish, like this:


BUSINESS, of course

Everybody knows that a black pencil skirt can be paired with a white shirt to create the business style, but sometimes you will start questioning: why do I look like a sales representative? Well, because your shirt fits you too well! Size up your white shirt, unbutton the top button and roll up your sleeves and you will look professional, and advanced, like this:


Wear it like a DRESS:

This is creative, pull your skirt up to your chest and you will get a dress, wear a cardigan over it and don’t forget to highlight your waistline, you are good to go!



Pair your pencil skirt with something gentle and feminine and you will look very much like a good wife, pick some fine jewelry to add some tenderness feeling and that’s it!



Adding a black blouse on top and look, you have your own little black dress! I put on a sleeveless lace top for this look to add just enough sexy feeling, and I picked a long pearl necklace to highlight, and then, I am all set for a party! You can add different black tops to create different styles, totally up to you!


Inspired? Go try it out!

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The White Pants

Summer has officially come today, it’s the season of hot pants, tutu skirts and floral dresses, but to look more mature you will need pants sometimes, and you want to look cool (both temperature and the style), which means you will need a pair of white pants!

If you have thighs like super models, then go ahead and pick whatever white pants you like. But if you are a pare shaped girl like me, don’t pick those skinny pants, pick the straight leg pants of cigarette pants instead, cause the white color will add puffiness to your hips.

Today I would like to share my ways of styling the white pants into different styles.

VACATION STYLE: Go with stripe tees and sandals (don’t forget to paint your toe nails), and add a panama hat, you are ready to go on a vacation. You can add some statement accessories (like a belt, a square scarf or a bracelet) to represent your personal style, totally up to you!


CASUAL STYLE: White and baby blue are perfect match for summer (imagine the white cloud and the blue sky), pair the white pants with a blue shirt and you will look as fresh as the breeze. Loafers are for the casual styles, and don’t forget to unbutton one more button, roll up your sleeves, and tie your shirt to make the high waistline.


DATE OR GOING TO THE BEACH: I believe you have tons of colorful scarves in your closet, for this look, just simply tie your scarf  over a tank and you will have a brand new blouse, which is so unique and versatile, I especially enjoy when the wind passes by and the scarf flying around me – this is totally worth trying.


BUSINESS STYLE: Tired of the black suit? Why not try the white one instead? For a business look you will just need to add a blazer and heels, to look more active and creative, add a scarf.


Helpful? Thanks for watching!


Pretty in the Chinese Style

I bet you have seen it somewhere else, yes, I am going to show you something traditional but still popular Chinese Dress, they are called Qi Pao.


They are usually made with cotton, linen or silk, they are attached to your body without being too tight; they have two side slits slightly higher then your knees that look just enough sexy. This dress can best express the gentle, graceful and a little bit reserved quality of the Chinese women.

Look at it from the back:


It’s not tightly wrapped but the female figure can still be seen. Yes, sometimes beauty is being a little bit reserved.

Here is another one I got:



Qi Pao can be short and look more active, but the long ones are more traditional. It can be paired with scarfs/cardigans,  heels of ballet flats, and some fine jewelries like pearl, jade, or gemstones.


Hopefully you will like it as I do. Thanks for watching.


Little Red Dress

You seldom see people wearing red dress in the daily life, seems to be overdressed for the occasion, but not necessary, today I am going to share my ways to style a little red dress.

Formal style, of course:


This must be the first way that come to your mind, just put up your hair and add some heels and you are ready for a semi-formal party!

But it can be casual, like this:


Suppose you are going to a trip, add a straw panama hat, put on your loafer to create a vacation style, this little red dress will make you stand out easily among the people, just imagine you are on a crowded street or among a field of flowers, the color will bring you out like a super star, you will always be camera ready in this color.

Dressy casual:

It is popular to add something underneath a sleeveless dress to create a casual look, however, DO NOT WEAR A TIGHT WHOLE-COLORED T-SHIRT, which will make you look like a waitress.

A strip t shirt is a very casual but upscale element that can be added underneath like this (This was my outfit last Christmas), the statement necklace is for highlighting, and the bow ballet makes the look more casual.


Or, to create a casual princess look, add a chiffon shirt underneath, the bell shaped sleeves prevent the look from looking too tedious, and wear heels, of course.


Well, I hope you like the ideas, thanks for watching.

Go Off-Shoulder

Hello, all

The off shoulder element seems to be really hot these years, it is elegant with a sort of implicit sexy feeling – yes, if you want to show off your beautiful shape in summer without giving too much sexual hint, try to show your collarbone and a little bit of your shoulder, this works well on women with big or small bust.

Today I want to share my ways to pair an off shoulder white shirt, which I picked up from Kohl’ when it was on clearance. I just realized that I shouldn’t be standing in front of a white wall white shooting myself, sorry about that.

It is known to all that a white shirt is the perfect match to denim, you can easily create a casual look with jeans like this:


Or create juvenile look with a button front A-line denim skirt (which is also hot recently) like this:


Note that I am wearing a choker to look less exposed and add some detail to this look, a little square scarf will do the work too.

To create a mature look, pair it up with uniform shorts, this might be good for the afternoon tea party:


And, nothing can beat a little white dress in summer time, pair the white shirt with a white skirt and you just made a dress, it is lady-like, but not deliberate!


Well, that’s it. Wish you like it, see you next time!



Cigarette Pants

Aloha, everyone,

If you are pear shaped like me, I highly recommend you to try the cigarette pants, your big bottom won’t show with the slight room between the pants and your thigh, and they can be casual, professional and elegant – they fit you and they are versatile! Today I am going to show you my ways to styling the Cigarette Pants.

To style a French style, pair them with a stripe top, put on casual shoes to look casual (like Loafers), I put a little red scarf on my waist to highlight the look.


And, this pairing can look professional by just changing the hairstyle and the shoes, I made my hair into a bun and switched to a pair of black heels, to add more details to this look, put on a statement necklace and a red belt to highlight.


Of course, a white shirt is always a good choice in the office.


A sweater can also be put on top, pair with heels in the office:


Take off the heels and put on flats, tare the bun down and braid your hair at your side, and you are ready to go out after work!


Hopefully this helps. Thanks for watching!