Create Jelly-Like Lips for Summer

Aloha, all,

Today I want to share with you some of my new creatures on the lips, and it is specially for the summer season!

We would like to have sheer, kissable jelly-like lips for summer, but do we need to buy another bunch of lip butter? NO, simply work with some shades that are already in your collection, it’s that simple, let me show you how:

I am not a lipgloss girl, I am not a big fun of the oily texture on my lips, plus the lip glosses don’t have much shade, and they won’t make my skin look brighter. However, I recently found that the lip gloss can work magically with the cream/matte texture lipsticks, creating a whole new look for the summer season.

I only have one lip gloss in my makeup case, and I picked four of my lipsticks to go with it, the procedure is super easy: apply the lipsticks first, gently wiped with a tissue(or apply a tiny amount of the lipsticks evenly on your lips) before applying the lip gloss. Here is the swatch of my lip gloss (Burt’s Bees lip shine in Blush) and wiping.


This method worked very well with the shade that is too dark for you ( with Revlon lip pencil in Crush) – you see I look much more friendly afterwards:


It also works good with a shade that is too dull ( Revlon lip pencil in coy) – it makes me look like a young woman with steady mind (this is a good nude for work), instead of looking aged:


With a color that is too bold (Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Orange Flip) – I looked much more dignified afterwards.


Or, this will help make the juvenile shade look more mature ( with Revlon lip pencil in coquette)


I am sure there are much more combination to try, especially when you have more lip glosses and lipsticks. Come on, be creative!

Thanks for watching!


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