Black Pencil Skirt

Most people will picture a business lady when talking about a black pencil skirt, but can a black pencil skirt be limited to the business outfit? Not necessary, today I will share my 5 ways to style a black pencil skirt into different styles, let’s begin,


Yes, a black pencil skirt can be casual, by simply adding some casual elements, like a t-shirt and a pair of sandals, in this look, I even added a scarf around my hair to look more stylish, like this:


BUSINESS, of course

Everybody knows that a black pencil skirt can be paired with a white shirt to create the business style, but sometimes you will start questioning: why do I look like a sales representative? Well, because your shirt fits you too well! Size up your white shirt, unbutton the top button and roll up your sleeves and you will look professional, and advanced, like this:


Wear it like a DRESS:

This is creative, pull your skirt up to your chest and you will get a dress, wear a cardigan over it and don’t forget to highlight your waistline, you are good to go!



Pair your pencil skirt with something gentle and feminine and you will look very much like a good wife, pick some fine jewelry to add some tenderness feeling and that’s it!



Adding a black blouse on top and look, you have your own little black dress! I put on a sleeveless lace top for this look to add just enough sexy feeling, and I picked a long pearl necklace to highlight, and then, I am all set for a party! You can add different black tops to create different styles, totally up to you!


Inspired? Go try it out!

Thanks for watching!


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