Little Red Dress

You seldom see people wearing red dress in the daily life, seems to be overdressed for the occasion, but not necessary, today I am going to share my ways to style a little red dress.

Formal style, of course:


This must be the first way that come to your mind, just put up your hair and add some heels and you are ready for a semi-formal party!

But it can be casual, like this:


Suppose you are going to a trip, add a straw panama hat, put on your loafer to create a vacation style, this little red dress will make you stand out easily among the people, just imagine you are on a crowded street or among a field of flowers, the color will bring you out like a super star, you will always be camera ready in this color.

Dressy casual:

It is popular to add something underneath a sleeveless dress to create a casual look, however, DO NOT WEAR A TIGHT WHOLE-COLORED T-SHIRT, which will make you look like a waitress.

A strip t shirt is a very casual but upscale element that can be added underneath like this (This was my outfit last Christmas), the statement necklace is for highlighting, and the bow ballet makes the look more casual.


Or, to create a casual princess look, add a chiffon shirt underneath, the bell shaped sleeves prevent the look from looking too tedious, and wear heels, of course.


Well, I hope you like the ideas, thanks for watching.


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