Go Off-Shoulder

Hello, all

The off shoulder element seems to be really hot these years, it is elegant with a sort of implicit sexy feeling – yes, if you want to show off your beautiful shape in summer without giving too much sexual hint, try to show your collarbone and a little bit of your shoulder, this works well on women with big or small bust.

Today I want to share my ways to pair an off shoulder white shirt, which I picked up from Kohl’s.com when it was on clearance. I just realized that I shouldn’t be standing in front of a white wall white shooting myself, sorry about that.

It is known to all that a white shirt is the perfect match to denim, you can easily create a casual look with jeans like this:


Or create juvenile look with a button front A-line denim skirt (which is also hot recently) like this:


Note that I am wearing a choker to look less exposed and add some detail to this look, a little square scarf will do the work too.

To create a mature look, pair it up with uniform shorts, this might be good for the afternoon tea party:


And, nothing can beat a little white dress in summer time, pair the white shirt with a white skirt and you just made a dress, it is lady-like, but not deliberate!


Well, that’s it. Wish you like it, see you next time!




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