Cigarette Pants

Aloha, everyone,

If you are pear shaped like me, I highly recommend you to try the cigarette pants, your big bottom won’t show with the slight room between the pants and your thigh, and they can be casual, professional and elegant – they fit you and they are versatile! Today I am going to show you my ways to styling the Cigarette Pants.

To style a French style, pair them with a stripe top, put on casual shoes to look casual (like Loafers), I put a little red scarf on my waist to highlight the look.


And, this pairing can look professional by just changing the hairstyle and the shoes, I made my hair into a bun and switched to a pair of black heels, to add more details to this look, put on a statement necklace and a red belt to highlight.


Of course, a white shirt is always a good choice in the office.


A sweater can also be put on top, pair with heels in the office:


Take off the heels and put on flats, tare the bun down and braid your hair at your side, and you are ready to go out after work!


Hopefully this helps. Thanks for watching!



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